The New Rebellion

Want to be cool? Want to go against those in authority? Want to stand out? 

These are the questions that are typically asked to teenagers or young adults by activist groups seeking their support. 

But what happens when the activist groups become the majority?

This is the phenomena that is occurring in our country today as liberal activist groups have become the majority.

So what is the rallying cry for this group now that it is in power in our country today?

In the 1960's liberal groups rebelled against those in power who at that time were the parents, institutions that were deemed as the enemies who happened to be conservative.

The nascent liberal groups were the children of parents who survived the great depression.  Who weren't raised within the same austerity and discipline as their parents were.

Now who are these groups going against now that those parents, and institutions aren't the boogeymen anymore?

I know that being a victim is part of the liberal worldview but seriously what is there to rebel about.

Liberals have taken over our society as a whole.  Liberals control the culture, control Hollywood, control the media, control the university, control the public schools, and even many Christian churches.

Isn't a rebellion a movement against the status quo with a definite goal in mind.  With a definite goal in mind doesn't a rebellion need to have an end in order to justify its existence?  So what is that end?

Like it or not Libersalism is here to stay for now.  But what makes Liberalism unique is the fact that it is still advertising itself as a rebellion group despite the fact that is in control of society today. The liberals have become the new bogeymen the same very group which they rebelled against 50 years earlier.

So who do these liberals hate today? Mostly Christians and other traditional groups.

So if you want to truly stand out and rebel today the surest way to do this is to be a practicing Christian.

Who knows maybe in 50 years our society will become Christian again. 

Sounds crazy? Not so.

The fact is that history works like a pendulum one time it favors one group and at a another time it swings and favors anotother group. At this time period it is favoring liberal groups but there will be a time when it will swing the other way.  When will this swing happen? No one knows but it will happen.

So for now we are the minority. We are the new rebellion.


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