Adolf Nicki Minaj

Can we all at least agree that at some point it stops being art?

It is a common thing to hear today that art's primary aim is, "self expression." The problem with this is that not every human urge needs expression.  There is such a thing as legitimate and illegitimate expression.

For example, I might have the urge to punch someone out. Acting on this urge is not legitimate expression  Yes..the urge to punch needs "expression."  But what separates a human from an animal is the ability to control these urges and to express them in their proper context.

Not too long ago there was an artist who dipped a crucifix in urine and another artist who covered the image of the blessed virgin in elephant dung. ( Those artists would never try the same thing with an image of Muhammad,)  This was defended, called artistic expression and even publicly funded.

There was a time when the sole purpose of art was to promote truth and beauty, to lift the spirit to heights unattainable by normal sensual experience.  Art in this light was to reveal the great mysteries of life.  The artist was rightfully viewed as a co creator with God, sharing with God the unique capacity of bringing beauty out of nothing.

Now to Nicki Minaj...

I forced myself to watch the entire five minute video of her song, "Only." The song was perverse in its celebration of female objectification, accepted racial slurs, and sexual exploitation.  However, the thing that was most shocking was not the content of the song but the song's video.  The video bore Nazi like imagery, complete with a red swastika like banner draping down and other Third Reich type images which would have made Leni Riefenstahl and Hitler proud.

When the director of the video was asked about the controversy of the video he was unapologetic using the stale defense of "freedom of speech." To read the entire article click here.
True self expression takes something ordinary and turns it into something beautiful.  Minaj took something serious and painful (WWII, Holocaust) and demeaned it.

I'm sorry.... but this is art?

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."  -Michelangelo


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