Liberal Lie # 1

The goal of this post and the subsequent ones in this series is to refute the lies of modern liberalism.  My goal isn't political. Rather it is philosophical.  My goal isn't to support a political ideology over another.  It is to illuminate the weaknesses of Liberalism.

Liberalism is the 21st century's most dynamic religion its converts span the globe; its numbers rapidly
The French Revolution. The origin of modern liberalism.
growing. Liberalism manifests itself in many different guises such as socialism, secularism, humanism, etc.  Despite the form, its goal is utopian, of creating a life of comfort and ease.  The long term goal of liberalism is to replace all traditional institutions, philosophies, and religion.

Armed only with reason and common sense I will seek to debunk the lies of this flawed philosophy.

Liberal principle #1

A) All humans are inherently good.

I say that humans aren't inherently good. It doesn't take much to realize this.  Look at all the wars, injustices, perpetrated around the globe, throughout history. History is replete with these examples. If humans were good these conditions simply wouldn't exist. Further if humans were inherently good there wouldn't be the need for laws, courts, armies, institutions, and governments etc; goodness would be self evident. That's why civilized societies develop laws to curtail man's man's wrong doing. Man is motivated through consequence.  Man made laws are simply codified consequences which are found in nature.If mankind were good there wouldn't be the need for such laws. Nature is also full of laws, all designed at keeping the environment functioning efficiently.  Without natural law the world could not sustain itself.  If nature were inherently peaceful, natural law would be unnecessary. But since nature is also destructive it is necessary for laws to exist for it to become good. The same goes with man if there aren't laws to keep man's destructive tendencies in check man will never be good. Man is good only when he is continually taught through habit, reinforced through law to be good. Therefore because of these factors man is not inherently good.


  1. Calvinism believes that humanity is inherently evil. Catholicism believes that humanity is inherently good - though (often severely) flawed. We are made in the image and likeness of God which cannot be anything other than Good. Original Sin mucks up the "blueprints" of us individuals, but Baptism corrects that. And so we are reconciled and truly sons and daughters of God. Still, it is up to us and our daily and lifelong choices to become who we are meant to be (as designed and willed by God) or ... not. Original Sin and concupiscence lead us to the propensity to sin, to be "not good." Grace can lead us back to the goodness (and Godliness) for which we are designed. There is a need for law - because of sin - but there is a greater need for Love (for God who IS love, specifically). Conversion, turning to love of God, is what is needed for us all. Practically speaking that might not happen and so laws are needed to govern the unconverted and, hopefully, point the way to spiritual conversion. But Free Will will always exist. and therefore, the possibility of conversion...and real, Godly, love.


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