Christ is Risen, So What!

Yesterday marked the 2013th celebration of Easter. I found myself thinking, " Christ is Risen, So What!" 
Then I began to ask myself a series of questions..."Why, how, etc."
Then the answer began to come to me in bits and pieces...
The reason why the resurrection was so important was that:
It fulfilled Christ's promise to his disciples.
It made the promise of an after life real. 
It gave Jesus' disciples a context to sacrifice their own lives after Jesus ascended.
It showed that death can be conquered.

2013 years later Christianity is the only religion which can claim these things.

Sometimes it isn't bad to ask tough questions. 
The most important thing is that one keeps searching.  For me it all began with a statement.  Maybe all you need is a statement or question and God will provide the answers. 

"Christ is Risen",  I can say this now and mean it.


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