Predators Beware!!!

A basic fundamental law of nature states that a predator will always hunt and kill its prey. 

Recently I have been asking myself this question: "Why do certain people get picked on and others don't?"

The answer to this question came to me partially when I overheard a conversation from one of my friends.  In the conversation my friend stated how he felt intimidated by one of his bosses because of her domineering, aggressive management style.  I simply told him to stop acting scared because I hypothesized that his boss was a predator and that predators feed on fear. As I said this the scales began to fall from both my eyes and his. It all began to click: "Predators (or aggressive personalities) can sense fear. The more scared one is the more the predator will pick on its prey." 

So what does this have to do with being a Christian?

The answer is simple.  In the New Testament Jesus stated over 300 times to "not be afraid."  Jesus meant it.  As Christians we are not supposed to be scared of anyone or anything.  Sure emotionally we will always feel feelings of fear.  But we must not surrender ourselves to these feelings.  We must ask Jesus for the strength to overcome our fears, to act powerfully, in spite of our fears through the proper use of our will.  If we can do this often, even daily there will come a time when the power of fear can never shake or break our resolve to grown in holiness.  Through this holiness we can Christianize the world one predator at a time!


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