Christ Rise; Bunny Dies

Frankly I am sick and fed up with all of the hoopla surrounding the Easter bunny.  Call me an Ebenezer Scrooge curmudgeon, but I don't think that bunnies are that cute.  I have seen these little glorified rodents prowling the streets, hopping with reckless impunity; hopping so fast that each time a cute child wants to see them they are gone.  Can you believe that when my wife Renee was 5 she got a real bunny for Easter which she named Honey Bunny.  Her innocent, adorable grandma went to pet it and her reward was a nice bite on her finger. Shortly after Honey Bunny was no more.  I believe that this is the path that all Easter bunnies should take, a quick death. Most of all I hate the Easter Bunny because it has replaced Christ as a symbol of the Resurrection.  So in light of all this I am proposing one radical measure; Kill The Easter Bunny!  In these three short videos I will show you how. Enjoy...and by the way Happy Easter!


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