Its OK To Drop Your Pants

I was sitting in a piazza somewhere in central Italy.  It was a wonderful and relaxing day.  The afternoon sun was casting its final rays over the fast approaching evening as I was  carelessly sipping espresso and eating limoncello gelato.

Several feet in front of me there stood a fountain, an expertly crafted one probably from the renaissance period.  On top of the fountain there was an intricately sculptured figure which looked like a duke or a distinguished nobleman.  The waters flowed neatly in an organized crescendo, flowing effortlessly, in a rhythmic cascade down 3 tiers.

As I was admiring this flowing piece of art I noticed a little boy about 5 years of age fast approaching the fountain.  At first I didn't pay much attention to this casual distraction.  How could I?  I was far too entranced by sublimity of the setting sun and the tranquil fountain.   Nothing could ruin my meditation until...the boy did the unspeakable.

As he was wading his hands through the fountain he dropped his pants and began to urinate in it.  I was aghast.  I wanted to strangle this little barbarian.  I wanted to tell his parents, I wanted to call the police and have him locked up for life.   With my peace successfully disrupted I left the scene and was left to ponder upon the savagery of this 4 footed assailant.  After cursing him off a million times in my head, I finally settled down and realized that there was something for me to learn from the situation.

There is something refreshing about the obliviousness and innocence of children; their constant living in the present.  I believe that God made kids this way to remind us overly burdened, overly responsible, stodgy adults not to take life so seriously; to live in the present, to be more reliant on God, to take things as they come and from time to time that it is OK to drop our pants.


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