Its Time To Tune Out The Noise

Christmas is here:  Well - at least that is what retailers want us all to believe.  Actually, Christmas arrived at 10 PM on Thanksgiving and at Kohl's Christmas arrived in August.

Everywhere you turn all you see is Christmas.  From the decorated houses, to the Christmas Carols playing on the radio stations, to the trumped up window displays, to the never ending 0% financing car commercials, to the Frosty, Rudolph and Peanuts Christmas specials.

All these things although wonderful convey the wrong message of Christmas.  The reality from a Christian perspective is that Christmas is not here yet.  Before Christmas there is advent.  Advent is a time of hopeful expectation, a preparing of sorts for the ultimate gift which will really arrive on December 25th.

Lost in all of this hoopola is the advent season, the time for inner and spiritual reflection.  Our society likes us to believe that Jesus is already here and that there is no need for preparation.  Why wait?  Our society's view point on Christmas is sort of like a man who has a one night stand with a woman and claims that he truly loves her. Sure he has reaped the physical benefits of sex, but any sensible person would realize that in order for the man to lay the foundations for true love he must get to know the woman first, through courtship, dating, engagement, and finally marriage. So how can we maintian an advent mentality in a non-advent society?

Here is one idea that I happily stole from my pastor at our church.  Listen to authentic Catholic advent hymns during the season.  There is something so soothing, so rythmic, so ancient about them.  Here are some examples of Catholic Advent pieces:

Use these hymns as a way of preparing for Christmas.  Try to listen to them for a couple of minutes each day.  It will change your perspective. 


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