More Government=More Poverty

It is a common strategy of the left to label anyone who is in favor of cutting government programs as being against the poor. This past Saturday I stumbled upon this great article written by Ryan Messmore of the Heritage Foundation.  In the article Messmore argues convincingly how through limiting government's role can alleviate poverty much more effectively.  Here are some of my favorite parts of the article. I would highly suggest reading this article.  To read the article in its entirety click here.

"Calls for limited government are often mistakenly equated with a disregard for people in need. This flawed line of reasoning assumes that poverty is primarily a material problem and that government bears the primary responsibility for solving it by increasing welfare and entitlement spending."
"Yet at its root, poverty is usually more complex than a simple lack of material resources. In America, poverty is often the result of a relational problem, such as fatherlessness or community breakdown. Such relational breakdowns are addressed most effectively through various civil society institutions."
 "Calling for limited government does not mean ignoring the plight of those in poverty. On the contrary, limited government, rightly understood, is an essential component of a larger framework that benefits people in need. That framework recognizes not only material needs, but also familial, spiritual, moral, emotional, and social needs."
 "This framework leaves room for each institution to play its proper role and do what it does best. It allows families, churches, and nonprofits to meet basic needs, nurture healthy relationships, and develop virtuous citizens. Within this framework, businesses provide opportunities for work and expand wealth, and government safeguards lives, property, and institutions. Together, limited government, free enterprise, and a strong civil society foster the kind of communities that enable people to escape poverty."
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