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2500 Years Later

" My joy and my peace. I will never have real happiness if I have not peace. And what is peace? Peace is something closely related to war. Peace is a consequence of victory. Peace demands of me a continual struggle. Without a struggle I will never have peace."  - St. Josemaria Escriva from The Way, (308) Why is there war? Why does peace usually come after a war? Couldn't peace exist without war? Are these two concepts inextricably linked? War has very much been a part of every culture from antiquity to the present. Millions of people have given their lives for their cultures, religions, and countries. But I am not speaking about conventional war. I'm speaking about the most important war that we will ever undertake; the war against ourselves. This type of warfare might not make news headlines, but every person (regardless of faith) has to engage in it, in order to survive in this world. We must fight this war everyday of our lives. St. Francis de Sales speaks

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